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Welcome to the Curly Horse Journal

It’s been a busy year for CHJ, and we are looking at a very bright future! We have some incredible articles in this issue. After years of research, we are excited with the discovery of the first Curly horse gene by the GSE Research Center. We will be uploading the actual research paper to our website at ww.CurlyHorseJournal.com for all to read.

In this issue, we have an interpretation by Dr. Mitch Wilkinson ,of the Curly gene research paper explaining the recent discovery of the first of the curly genes that make our horses unique in the equine world. Another extremely rare breed, the American Sugarbush Harlequin Draft Horse, is presented in this issue. The fourth and final article on our Sitting Bull series, Preservation, is included, along with Extreme Cowboy Competitions. A heart-felt thank you to Pat Doak for her incredible curly mustang photographs on our front and back covers, and in the North American Curly Mustang article. We also have some very exciting news for 2018 as we begin working exclusively with HorseTvToday.com for content with their tv channel! The Curly Horse Journal will be the only source of Curly content! Look for The American Curly Horse coming there soon!

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